Should you need to contact any Committee member, could you PLEASE DO SO DURING OFFICE HOURS IN THE WEEK! Unless it is an emergency, PLEASE AVOID CALLS OVER THE WEEKEND!! This would be much appreciated.

The Club is in the process of having a year book printed which will contain members details, that is address, telephone number, email address.So please if you have changed any of the above will you PLEASE NOTIFY ELAINE!!

Last, but not least a very special thank you to the following folk, who are always there offering help and supporting the bowlers.

Vera, Isabelle, Laurie, George, Rennette Borthwick, Lorna Nel. Karen.

We so appreciate your loyal support!

I leave you with the following quote -:

To find fault is easy – but it is a lot more rewarding to the club if you can come up with three POSITIVE SOLUTIONS to the problem!