Mowbray Relief Fundraiser 27 April 2021

The Mowbray Bowling Club suffered a terrible blow when their clubhouse and outbuildings were damaged in the relentless fire from the week before. The Somerset West Bowls Club pulled together to host a fundraiser on Freedom day. A 2-bowl Trips competition was held where new teams were drawn after each round. Each player kept their scores after each round, and the winner in each position was the player with the highest net score.

At the end of the day we raised R10,000 for the Mowbray Relief Fund, made a lot of new friends and had loads of fun.

Mowbray team collect a chq for R7,000 from Jacques du Preez. After all funds were in the amount climbed to R10,000!

For a full report see the Mowbray Relief Fundraiser Report.