About Us

The Club was founded in 1936 and affiliated with the Somerset West Country Club in January 1961. In November 1962 it was decided to change the name of the Club to Somerset West Country Club – Bowls Section – and later, due largely to the changes that had taken place within the Somerset West Country Club, it was decided to revert to the name Somerset West Bowling Club with effect from the revised constitution dated 31 May 2005.

Pursuant to an initiative by the Western Province Bowling Association to change their name to the Western Province Bowls Association, the Club deemed it appropriate to change its name to Somerset West Bowls Club with effect from the revised constitution dated 14 August 2008.

Our mission is to ensure that the Club evolves around a membership who have the vision and courage to embrace transformation as a vehicle for progress; an active group who are excited about where they want to go and are motivated to participate and innovate to achieve results that are credible, sustainable and of enduring benefit, in the knowledge that the Club belongs to them.

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Tabs-In Times

Tuesday:       Afternoon (13:30 for 14:00)
Thursday :    Afternoon (13:30 for 14:00)
Saturday:      Afternoon (13:30 for 14:00)



President: Jacques du Preez
Vice-President:  David Cuff
Secretary:  Leonie Taljaard
Asst. Secretary: Hannelie Smit
Hon. Asst. Secretary:  Elaine Sneller
Treasurer:  Adrian Lee
Greens Manager:  Ken Nell
Catering Manager:  Thea Blatt
Bar Manager:  Lenie Engelbrecht
Competition Sec.:  Nico Taljaard
Tournament Sec.:  Grant Tintinger
Property Manager:  Lloyd König
Players’ Liaison Officer:  Harriet Arrow


Men                                               Ladies

Nico Taljaard                              Elbe Minnaar
Fred Kruger                                 Nina Painter
Chris Blom                              Thea Blatt
Paul Minnaar                            Tinabella Botes
Jan Rall                          Leigh Wentzel

W.P.B.A. Delegate:  Amie Carstens
Alternate:  Nico Taljaard
H.H.B.A. Delegate (Men):  tbc
H.H.B.A. Delegate (Ladies):  tbc
Development:  Ammie Carstens
Coaches:  Theuna Grobler
Umpires:  Claudia de Hahn
Honorary Auditor:  Gordon Webb

Active Coaches 2019/20

Coach                                         Phone                         Cell

Theuna Grobler                         021 853 7829       082 291 9999
Maré Gruenbaum                                                   082 448 6317
Nic De Wet                                                              082 562 0927

Active Technical Officials 2020/21

Claudia De Hahn      Trig Eia Lloyd Konig
Karl Liebenberg        Jacques du Preez Helga Konig
Nico Taljaard 

Active Official Markers 2020/21

Chris Blom       Thea Blatt        Chris Blom 
Johan Koblischke       David Cuff      Grant Tintinger