• President’s Report 2013/2014

    PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2013/2014 You may recall that I mentioned in the first of only two news letters that I was humbled and honoured to be chosen to lead this club. These words were not written in jest or for want of something better to say but were truly genuine. The point we have reached today, […]


    Congratulations to Theuna Grobler on being selected to the BSA Women’s Gold Squad Nina Painter, Theuna Grobler, Tina Gray and Thea Blatt on reaching the semi finals of the WP Women’s Midweek league Nina Painter, Tina Gray, Thea Blatt and Hester de Jongh on reaching the quarter finals of the WP Women’s Sully Cup Nina […]

  • Tabs-in on Wednesdays

    PLEASE  NOTE As from Wednesday 21st November there will no longer be afternoon tabs-in. Wednesday tabs-in will move to 17h30.   Dress code will be full mufti and anyone is welcome. This is an Executive Committee decision due to lack of support for Wednesday afternoon tabs-in and also to accommodate our working Members. This move is […]

  • New tabs-in dress code

    NEW TABS-IN DRESS CODE   WEEK DAYS MEN Any colour golf shirts with collar, tucked in. Properly tailored longs or shorts with white socks. T-shirts, jeans, cargo type shorts with side pockets and sandals are totally UNACCEPTABLE   LADIES Any colour golf shirts with collar Skirts, properly tailored longs or knee-length shorts T-shirts and jeans […]

  • Announcements

    Please remember to inform Elaine Sneller on snellers@telkomsa.net of any change of your address/telephone number/e-mail address.

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